New Jersey Drug Rehabilitation Center

New Jersey Drug Rehabilitation Center

At Treatment Alternatives, we focus on “client-centered treatment.” That means we put you first. Our New Jersey drug treatment program is evidence-based, individualized and gender-specific. We understand the complexities of drug and alcohol addiction, and we know how to address issues that are common among those who suffer from addiction in New Jersey. Our New Jersey location is an admission center, where clients go to begin their treatment. Once there, you will begin to receive the support you need for recovery.

Treatment Alternatives will be with you throughout your recovery. We offer outpatient detox and associated housing if overnight accommodations we needed. Treatment is at the core of our rehab program. This includes a full assessment, which will allow our staff to design the personalized treatment needed to address each client’s drug or alcohol addiction. Our highly trained therapists also specialize in dual diagnosis, which addresses co-occurring disorders. During treatment, we offer monitored housing is needed. After treatment, we also offer sober living through a variety of affiliate facilities. This residential housing program allows men and women to transition into a sober lifestyle safely.

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Recovering from alcohol or drug addiction completely possible. With the right support system and drug treatment center, you can break your addiction. If you live in New Jersey and are looking for a supportive drug rehabilitation center for yourself or a loved one, contact Treatment Alternatives. Get help today!

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