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What are Holistic Therapies?

Beyond talk therapy, scientific research has demonstrated that other forms of therapies help individuals recover from substance abuse and mental health disorders. Holistic therapies address the whole person. Each person will respond to his or her own body and mind’s needs. Some people respond to acupuncture while others find art therapy extremely helpful. Still others who may not be able to meditate can find great relief and comfort doing yoga, dance, or Tai chi. These therapies help clients move through physical and emotional pain. Using yoga can bring closure to past issues while strengthening the body caused by drugs and alcohol.

What are the Benefits of Yoga in Substance Abuse Treatment?

Addiction decimates one’s body, mind, and spirit. Holistic approaches such as yoga can be a life changer. Why? Using the practice of yoga, and there are many different forms of yoga, helps bring strength back to the body, renews life in the cells, muscles, tissues etc., and brings about mindfulness.
Mindfulness is the practice of being present in the moment. Through mindfulness:

  • the mind
  • the body
  • feelings
  • emotions
  • thoughts
  • and sensations are calmed

The ability to sit and focus, using the breath, allows a person in recover to be able to experience these thoughts and feelings without engaging directly with them. Mindfulness helps stimulate a healthy chemical balance in the brain.

New studies that have examined brain structure have found that the practice yoga (breathing, stretching, and meditation) increases the grey matter and brain plasticity. This also produces a change in executive functioning. For those who have suffered from alcohol and drug abuse, this is good news.

The path to recovery is attainable. Treatment Alternatives provides a multidisciplinary approach to overcoming addiction. With the right tools, group and individual counseling, counseling and support, you can recover.

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