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Why Prescription Drug Abuse Leads to Teen Heroin Addiction

It is not news that prescription drug abuse has been rising across the nation in recent years, and in turn has been contributing to the rapidly growing teen heroin addiction.

New York drug treatment programs have been getting more and more people seeking help for both prescription drug abuse and teen heroin addiction, all while noticing that one causes the other. One of the main problems that parents do not realize is that teenagers are more apt than ever to make the jump to heroin abuse as soon as their opioid prescription runs out.

In order to ensure that parents are best able to protect their kids from becoming just another number in an addiction statistic, Treatment Alternatives New York has come up with the following guide as to why prescription drug abuse leads to teen heroin addiction.

Why are more teens turning to heroin?

Now more than ever teens are turning to heroin use in order to get their fix. Prior to today, heroin was most commonly associated with the grimy, dirty, and largely hidden underbelly parts of the city. The previous stereotype is what has caused so many parents to overlook the possibility that their kids could be abusing heroin, and in turn to miss the signs completely to send them to one of the many New York drug treatment programs.

What is the history of heroin?

Did you know that heroin used to be a prescription drug? Until the 1920s, heroin was prescribed as a pain killer; the main reason it was pulled off the market was because of its high risk potential for abuse. Today, the same type of drug, pain killers that contain opioids, can be found in everything from codeine, heroin, to morphine. In fact, the main ingredients found in these drugs are Buprenorphine, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, and Methadone. Some of these are used to treat addiction, but many of them also come with a catch-22; while they are used to help wean people off of abusing illicit substances, they also come with a high potential for abuse and subsequent addiction.

How do prescription drugs turn into street drugs?

Most commonly, teen heroin addiction begins with an opioid prescription. While the person many start off genuinely needing the prescription drug, it can easily turn into a dependency that evolves into a full blown addiction. Once the prescription runs out, the person may turn to using heroin in order to satiate their fix, thus creating the ever-growing teen heroin addiction problem. What most parents don’t know is how quickly a heroin addiction can sneak up on their teen, and in turn leave them with a problem much bigger than they are prepared to handle.

If you find yourself with a child who has a teen heroin addiction and are at a loss for what to do, then call Treatment Alternatives New York today for more information on how to help.

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