Why Choose our New York Treatment Center

The first phase of an addict’s path to sobriety is beginning a detox program at a drug and alcohol treatment center. Once an individual develops a dependency for their preferred substance, they tend to inflict pain on themselves and their loved ones. Their behavior may result in financial troubles, violent outbursts, incarceration, or worse. It’s imperative that they seek help before their condition reaches a point where sober living is an unlikelihood.

Where Can Addicts Go to Find Help?

Choosing a detox program that enables an individual to lead a healthy, substance-free lifestyle can be difficult. Treatment Alternatives, a respected New York drug rehab facility, has had great success with assisting residents to detox and fight their urge to use. We attempt to decipher the reasoning for why an addict has chosen to begin drug and alcohol use in order to effectively get them to a state of sobriety permanently.

What Separates Treatment Alternatives from Other New York Drug Rehab Centers?

The staff at Treatment alternatives goes a step above in treating drug and alcohol addiction. Unlike other drug treatment centers, we take an evidenced based approach rather than treating addictive behavior with methods that are rooted in theory.

We offer natural remedies for depression through experiential treatment methods, stemming from the philosophies of Dr. Irving Yalum. We believe that by strengthening an individual’s mind and ability to both understand and manage their emotions, they can in turn manage their addiction. We treat patients using cognitive behavioral therapy, rapid eye movement therapy, individual and group therapy, art therapy, yoga, acupuncture, and other forms of holistic therapy.

We’re firmly entrenched in teaching individuals suffering from substance abuse, the life lessons they need to remain sober, and nurturing positive relationships and habits. If you’re seeking help for yourself or a loved one, now is the best time to contact Treatment Alternatives and make addiction a thing of the past.

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