What Makes for a Quality Addiction Treatment Center

What Makes for a Quality Addiction Treatment Center

Although life for anyone is not without its share of troubles, individuals suffering from drug or alcohol addiction are often tasked with overcoming more difficulties than others. In 2016, over 50k people died from opioid related overdoses alone. This leaves one little reason to wonder as to why so many families have admitted their loved ones to an addiction treatment center in Massachusetts. No one enjoys watching someone they care for suffer from substance abuse. Addiction is painful for everyone involved and when left unattended, can eventually become a fatal experience. It’s important to seek help before it ever comes to that.

Choosing an Addiction Treatment Center in Massachusetts

Not every addiction treatment center in Massachusetts is built the same. Substance abuse is a serious situation that may require careful monitoring in order for the individual to become sober. However, finding the right support for addiction treatment is more than just sending someone to a facility that allows them to detox for a month. There are important factors to consider first.

  • Is the treatment center licensed?
  • What steps does the staff take to help the addict reach sobriety?
  • Are there both inpatient and outpatient options?
  • Does the treatment center offer individual therapy as well as group therapy?

These, along with others, are questions to ask yourself when selecting a Massachusetts drug detox facility for a loved one. Not every treatment center is able to provide the level of support that an addict may need to successfully detox. It’s not an easy process to undergo and choosing the wrong facility can end up doing more harm than good in the long run.

How Can an Addict Detox and Remain Sober Permanently?

Not everyone admitted to a Massachusetts drug detox center is able to reach a stable level of sobriety within the same period. The average time frame for a detox program is about 28 days. The severity of an individual’s addiction may cause them to detox for a much longer period. A quality treatment center works to get its residents into a state of sobriety as soon as possible. Through various methods of personalized treatment, addiction can be fought and sober living is attainable.

It’s important to note however, that addiction isn’t a disease that can be “cured” per se. It’s something that most drug and alcohol users find themselves living with throughout their lives. What a good substance addiction treatment center does is teach addicts to manage their urge to use and provide them with the discipline they need to work the 12-steps.

When it comes to substance abuse, simply going through detox for a month or two isn’t enough. It’s only the beginning of what will be a life of moderation (when it comes to alcohol) and abstaining from drug use. Treatment Alternatives of Massachusetts believes in equipping patients with the necessary life lessons that will enable them to function as responsible adults and without the aid of drugs and alcohol.

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