What are the 12 Steps of Recovery?

What are the 12 Steps to Recovery?

The development of the 12-step program has helped to address a wide-range of substance abuse and addiction problems for many years. At Treatment Alternatives New York recovery center, we can help you stay on the right track to recovery and ultimately, sobriety. Below we will dive in to the original 12-step program to take on addiction and the success rate.

Acceptance: The first step to recovery is acceptance. At this New York recovery center, we help you come to terms with the realization that you are powerless over addiction and that your lifestyle has become unmanageable.

Hope: Having hope and courage is the next step. We want you to trust that a power greater than yourself could restore you to sanity and a normal lifestyle.

Willingness: You need to decide to turn your will and your life over to the care of New York recovery center for the proper treatment to addiction.

Personal Inventory: This step incorporates a courageous moral inventory of yourself and your habits.

Self-Disclosure: This step includes the process of admitting to yourself as well as another person the exact nature of your addiction problem. Disclosing this information can become freeing for any individual struggling with addiction.

Reflection: You are entirely ready to completely remove these defects from your lifestyle.

Humility: A humble person can remove his or her shortcomings with the professional help from our New York recovery center.

Amends List: This step includes making a list of everyone you have harmed along your addiction and become willing to make amends to them.

Make Amends: This requires the process of making direct amends to such people wherever possible. This should be an ongoing step to the recovery process.

Continued Inventory: This step is a continued effort to take personal inventory and to admit your wrongdoings immediately.

Spiritual Growth: Meditation and prayer are great ways to improve your road to recovery and to have conscious contact with spirituality.

Giving Back: The final step to recovery consists of practicing these principles in all your daily affairs as well as to carry the same messages to other addicts that are struggling. By giving back, positive karma will come your way.

The success rate to the 12-step recovery program can be directly related to the length of time someone sticks with the program and is able to retain a sober and healthy life. Our New York recovery center provides quality treatment as well as support through each step on the path to recovery. By combining the 12-step program along with additional treatment center help at Treatment Alternatives, anyone battling this dark disease will have the right tools for success.


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