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What are Designer Drugs?

As if illegal street drugs like marijuana, cocaine, and heroin weren’t enough of a worry for our country, America is now in an “unprecedented era” when it comes to designer drugs – synthetically created substances designed to mimic the effects of existing drugs.

What are designer drugs?

Since street drugs are illegal and more difficult to obtain, the designer drug industry makes it money cheating the system by creating drugs that are very similar, but with laws that aren’t nearly as defined. There are many ways to create and get around stated drug regulations, which is why designer drugs are easy to obtain and very popular. Designer drugs are created in a lab, with the intention of giving similar highs to illegal drugs, but with different ingredients. They often contain common household ingredients like harsh cleaning chemicals and poisons.

Why are designer drugs so popular?

Teenagers and young adults often make the mistake of thinking that designer drugs are “safe” to use, which could not be further from the truth. The main reason is because designer drugs are much easier for teens to get ahold of. Another reason is because these types of drugs may not seem so intimidating, since they might have the misguided notion that they are not “real drugs.” However, many people who use designer drugs quickly figure out that they are very wrong; a lot of times, the drugs are stronger than the original ones, and it is common for users to experience immediate and serious health problems, long term brain damage, and in some cases even die from overdose.

Designer drugs have code names, that are meant to be kept secret. Nowadays there are so many designer drugs on the market, it can be hard to tell whether “China Girl” is the name of a drug or a movie. If you are a concerned friend, spouse, or parent of someone you believe is using drugs, it helps to be aware of the different designer drugs, as well as their street names.

Some common designer drug names and their ingredients include:

– Adam: MDMA

– Apache: Fentanyl

– Bromo: Nexus

– Businessman’s Trip: Dimethyltryptamine

– China Girl: Fentanyl

– Cloud Nine: Crack cocaine; MDMA

– Domex: PCP and MDMA

– Ephedrone: Methcathinone

– Friend: Fentanyl

– Gaggers: Methcathinone

– Honey Oil: Ketamine; inhalants

– Jet: Ketamine

– Kleenex: MDMA

– La Rocha: Rohypnol

– Morning Shot: Amphetamine; MDMA

– Nineteen: Amphetamine; MDMA

– Pikachu: Pill containing PCP and Ecstasy

– Qat: Methcathinone

– Roachies: Rohypnol

– Special “K”: Ketamine

– TNT: Heroin plus Fentanyl

– S.P.: Amphetamine; MDMA

– Venus: Nexus

– Wafers: MDMA

– X: Marijuana; Amphetamine; MDMA

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