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Does weather have any impact on our mood? Does rain or snow make us more aggressive, sad, or violent? What is the extent to which weather impact us, if at all?

It may seem unrelated at first, but if you are looking for the right place to receive addiction treatment, consider the weather, as science shows it can either help or hinder your addiction recovery. The drug rehab in Florida at Treatment alternatives says researchers have agreed on one thing: weather does impact our mood.

-A 2008 study conducted by Denissen et al. concluded that weather’s daily influence can impact a person’s negative mood more than it impacts a positive mood. This means higher temperatures can bring a person with a low mood to a happier state, and wind or low amounts of sun can make sad person feel even worse.

-Lawrence Palinkas, PhD professor of social policy at the University of Southern California conducted a study in regards to the effects on cold weather on human behavior. His study found that more extreme temperatures tend to make people more irritable and angry.

-Another phenomenon, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is characterized by major depressive episodes connected to a specific season or time of year. SAD is experienced in states with extremely cold or rainy climates.

-Klimstra et al. 2011 study of 415 adolescents found high numbers of those “happier, less fearful, and less angry on days with more sunshine and higher temperatures”

-Matthew Keller, PhD assistant professor of Psychology at the University of Colorado Boulder led a study on 600 people. The study concluded that in springtime, sunnier days and warmer weather boosted moods, and had a “broadening effect on cognition, basically opening the mind to new ideas” – something addiction recovery is centered around.

Cold temperatures, constant rain, or undesirable weather can subconsciously leave us feeling sad, depressed, bored, or in an overall bad mood. These bad moods lead to negative behavior, such as drug and alcohol use, which can ruin a life full of potential.

Treatment Alternatives, an alcohol and drug rehab in Florida is conveniently located in Boca Raton, just minutes from the heart of the Atlantic coast. South Florida has some of the world’s most desirable weather, with sunshine and clear blue skies almost year-round. Receiving professional treatment for your addiction in a warm, tropical climate can be extremely beneficial in aiding your addiction recovery. At Treatment Alternatives, you can spend your days in the warm south Florida sunshine and cool off with the refreshing ocean breeze.

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