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Treatment Alternative Holistic Therapies

Holistic therapies, grounded in the understanding that treatment must be all encompassing, address a person’s

  • physical
  • emotional
  • psychological
  • spiritual well-being

In the context of substance abuse treatment, holistic means addressing the problems impacting the client’s whole personality. This means the utilization of treatment methods considered alternative therapies to mainstream medicine. This holistic approach is not controversial. It strengthens and/or complements other mainstream approaches. There is a body of research demonstrating the success and relevance of holistic treatment as part of substance abuse treatment.

Treatment Alternatives’ philosophy incorporates more than one approach to achieve a solid foundation for recovery; each client must find healthy, self-affirming ways through which to engage in life. Building these new perspectives occurs in conjunction with more traditional treatments such as individual, group or family therapy and substance abuse education.

These therapies can help a client redefine his or herself culturally, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

The power of these holistic approaches to treatment cannot be emphasized enough. Changing one perspective can have a profound impact upon a person’s whole sense of self. A renewed or a new sense of self, a new level of self-identity and self-esteem often emerges as a client works through both traditional and holistic therapies.

New healthy physical awareness can develop through exercise, yoga and recreational activities. Once such awareness develops, the client will want to understand the proper care of the body’s needs, and that includes nutrition. Acupuncture, a long time accepted medical approach to treating maladies can relieve a client of pain, release energy and induce better circulation, for example. The World Health organization indicates effective therapeutic value for at least 28 conditions.

Art therapy can provide clients with a wonderful outlet for creative expression. The ability to work through emotional issues utilizing creative efforts may reveal a hidden talent or a passion for an activity that brings satisfaction and perhaps praise.

Life skills education can help especially the long term addict, how to enjoy simple daily activities such as attending to doctors’ visits, paying bills, and appropriate behavior and dress. Learning to navigate daily life in healthy self-productive ways begins early in treatment. Life skills training provide clients with alternative coping mechanism for releasing stress and handling other emotional and physical occurrences that would previously be triggers for drug or alcohol use.

If you are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, Treatment Alternatives is here to help. We are fully licensed and offer both traditional evidenced based treatment as well as holistic therapies. Call now and get the best possible treatment. 877-877-7272.


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