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If you are unfamiliar with hydrocodone withdrawal, then it’s time to change that.

Known as the most prescribed opioid in the United States, hydrocodone has swiftly become known as one of the most abused prescription medications as well. Pair that with a nationwide opioid epidemic, and you have a huge problem on your hands.

Luckily, your New York drug rehab program has all you need to know about narcotic addiction and subsequent withdrawal. Help protect yourself and your loved ones against becoming another statistic by staying educated; simply check out this list from Treatment Alternatives New York of the top four things you need to know about hydrocodone withdrawal.

Hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms are impatient. That’s right, withdrawal symptoms have a tendency to set in sooner rather than later; specifically, symptoms can be felt as early as a few hours after the effect of your last hydrocodone dose has worn off. Since the early stages of withdrawal tend to be the worst, medical management from a New York drug rehab program is strongly recommended. The dangers of medical complications increase during hydrocodone withdrawal, along with the urge to relapse back into drug use. Considering the risks involved, medical supervision will ensure that you begin your road to recovery as safely as possible.

You will feel like you have a really, really bad flu. The bad news? Hydrocodone withdrawal may be just as painful as the initial reason you started taking the drug in the first place. The good news? It’s only temporary. The worst of the withdrawal symptoms are generally over after a week, but it will feel like much sooner with the help of a New York drug rehab program. After all, the staff at Treatment Alternatives New York is trained to be strong for you even when you’re not.

The symptoms are much more manageable than you thought. While hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms are certainly not fun, chances are they are not nearly as bad as you thought they would be. Plus, having the care of a New York drug treatment program to keep you comfortable and stable certainly doesn’t hurt. Common hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms include:

-Cold sweat and chills

-Drug craving


-Mental swings

-Sleep disturbances

PAWS will catch you off guard. PAWS, otherwise known as post-acute withdrawal syndrome, is a set of hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms that can last for several months. PAWS symptoms include drug cravings, irritability, mood swings, and sleeping problems; while they are not as intense as the symptoms felt at the very beginning of the withdrawal process, they can certainly take their toll on your resilience. This is where Treatment Alternatives New York steps in; we provide the extra bit of strength necessary to keep you focused on sobriety, away from relapsing, and on the path to recovery.

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