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The Immediate Affects of Alcoholism in Your Life

The short term effects of alcoholism are often underrated. The staff at Treatment Alternatives, a detox center in New York, have seen all the effects first hand as we help patients cope with recovery, and most people only think about the long-term effects while the short-term are just as important. Though the short term effects of alcohol may affect everyone differently, most people know about affects like hangovers, vomiting, poor judgment, and ultimately injury.

New York alcohol detox centers outline some of the most noticeable and recognizable short term effects of alcoholism.

What exactly is alcoholism?

Alcoholism is the addiction and dependency on alcohol. Alcoholism is typically reflected by someone who always has to have a drink, has a drink in hand, drinks early in the day, and other characteristics associated with intoxication. If you thought of someone when reading that definition, perhaps it is time to call a New York alcohol rehab center for assistance.

The short-term effects of alcoholism

  • Strain on relationships – Almost immediately, relationships begin to deteriorate due to alcoholism. The signs at first point more towards a strain; mood changes, erratic thoughts and feelings.
  • Sexual problems – Alcoholism may manifest at first as sexual issues. Men may experience erectile dysfunction and women may find their sexual desires are no longer in line with their usual activities.
  • Malnutrition – Not only is your body experiencing the effects of alcohol consumption, but you are also taking less care of your body. This is one of the reasons why an experienced staff like that of Treatment Alternatives detox center in New York, are so important when you are detoxing. A complete understanding of the process and effects on the body is necessary.

What are the short-term effects of alcoholism on those around me?

  • As mentioned before, relationships typically become strained and may never recover. At first, you may believe that everyone else is changing and you may not realize how defensive you have become. To understand this issue, try to empathetically put yourself in their shoes. If you can’t, then it may be time to look into a New York alcohol rehab that can help.
  • Have you been borrowing money, making promises you cannot keep, or acting selfish? These are some of the hallmark signs of alcoholism, and you may not realize how much that affects your loved ones. Remember that they just want the best for you, if they didn’t, they would not try getting you help.


At Treatment Alternatives New York, we will manage your alcohol withdrawals in a safe and comfortable environment, to ensure that you detox properly. Treatment Alternatives’ staff is experienced in helping people get their lives back on track and on the road to recovery from alcoholism.

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