The Dangers of Mixing Drugs and Alcohol

The Dangers of Mixing Drugs and Alcohol

There are serious consequences to mixing drugs and alcohol and the dangers that come with it should not be taken lightly. Our New Jersey drug rehab center is here to provide insight on specifically which drugs are not a good fit with alcohol. Abusing two or more substances is referred to polydrug abuse and can ultimately lead to the development of simultaneous addictions. Below are some facts about what can happen to the body when you combine individual drugs with alcohol.

Alcohol and cocaine

The combination of these two substances can increase the risks of heart attacks and even sudden death. When these two interact, they produce a highly toxic substance in your liver called coca ethylene, which can increase the depressive consequences of alcohol only to make the reaction to cocaine stronger. This combination can make someone more aggressive and it can subject your heart and liver to a longer period of stress.

Alcohol and ecstasy (MDMA)

Ecstasy as well as alcohol dehydrates you and you run the risk of becoming overheated as well as dangerously dehydrated when you mix both substances. Alcohol has been involved in most ecstasy related deaths from extreme heat strokes. This combination is likely to produce nausea and vomiting and there can be a greater tension on your liver and kidneys.

Alcohol and Heroin

Alcohol mixed with heroin is one of the most dangerous combinations and it’s very important to become aware of the effects. Our New Jersey drug rehab center wants to caution you on these risky fatal consequences. Heroin is a downer that can slow down the heart rate and breathing. You are putting yourself at risk of overdosing when you combine a downer substance with another one such as alcohol. Even a small amount of alcohol combined with heroin can increase the risk of overdosing and potential death.

Alcohol and amphetamines

When you take an amphetamine, often called speed, your blood pressure and heart rate speed up tremendously. Like ecstasy, speed is known to increase your body temperature and cause dehydration, which becomes sensitive when you add alcohol to the mix. Putting too much pressure on your heart can cause a fatal result. Feelings of anxiousness and paranoia are prevalent with the combination of both substances. You may not even feel the effects of alcohol until the speed wears off on your body, which can be very dangerous on how much alcohol you consume.

You are on the right path to success by educating yourself on the harmful effects of mixing drugs and alcohol. The consequences can be as serious as death and our New Jersey drug rehab center is here to keep you informed and aware of such scary outcomes.

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