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Rehab Offers Support for Depression and Substance Abuse

 Depression is an internal enemy that affects millions of people. It manifests itself in feelings of sadness, lethargy, low energy, and hopelessness. Those fighting depression may frequently deal with the following feelings: anxiety, loss of appetite, sleeping too much or too little, tearfulness, aches and pains, loss of energy, feelings of guilt, irritability, loss of interest, and suicidal thoughts.

Since many people turn to drugs and alcohol to lift their spirits or numb painful feelings, substance abuse becomes common amongst those battling depression. The Journal of Clinical Psychology reports that one in three adults struggling with drug or alcohol addiction also suffers from depression. However, there is irony in turning to drugs or alcohol for depression. Certain drugs and alcohol act as central nervous system depressants, which triggers depression symptoms, therefore creating a vicious cycle of substance abuse and continued depression. It can feel impossible to break this cycle.

When battling a substance abuse issue, it can be helpful to examine whether you or your loved one may be dealing with depression. Treatment Alternatives, a New Jersey drug rehab, can help you to understand depression, how to address it, and how to offer support for depression.

Anger often fuels depression. A common emotion that underlies depression is anger. Because anger can stem from many sources, it is a hard emotion to deal with. Not knowing how to directly deal with anger can cause an individual to turn those feelings on themselves, leading to depression. At our New Jersey drug rehab, we stress the importance of dealing with your emotions before they turn harmful by recognizing and accepting anger in a healthy way that releases the emotion without letting it fester.

Depression is affecting younger people. Studies show younger people are reporting higher levels of stress, depression, and anxiety. Since many people turn to drugs or alcohol to cope, this increases the risk of a younger child or teenager to begin drug use.  It is important for parents to address and intervene these issues early on to prevent drug use or experimentation.

There are steps you can take to alleviate depression. Instead of turning to drugs or alcohol to ignore or suppress depression, there are skills you can learn with our addiction professionals at Treatment Alternatives that will help you recognize and challenge your critical inner voice. Starting with mindfulness, such as meditation and breathing practices can help minimize the chances of depressive episodes. Additional skills such as identifying sources of anger, participating in social situations, engaging in exercise that will spike endorphins, refusing to punish yourself for past actions, and speaking with a therapist are all helpful methods of support for depression.

It is important for the family members and friends of someone struggling with depression to know that it isn’t something that just stops. Suffering from both depression and addiction is considered “dual diagnosis”. At Treatment Alternatives New Jersey drug rehab, we specialize in treating dual diagnosis patients with individualized plans to treat cooccurring disorders simultaneously.  Treating not only addiction, but also depression, can help the individual to work on strengthening their relationship with themselves, which will reflect in their external relationships, work, health, and happiness.

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