Promoting Communication Through Treatment

Anyone who has ever experienced addiction themselves or from watching a loved one suffer understands how destructive substance abuse can be on a person’s life. The individual suffering from addiction is often isolated from everyone and everything that he or she cares about. They go through periods of extreme highs and periods of the lowest of lows, creating a ripple effect of negativity through everything they touch. It’s an unfortunate reality that comes with addiction. Every patient that has come through the to the Treatment Alternatives Massachusetts drug rehab center can attest to the loneliness that comes with a life of addiction. It’s why our staff heavily promotes communication through treatment methods.

Why Communication Through Treatment is so Important

The road to sober living in Massachusetts is met with varying degrees of obstacles, beginning with the addict admitting that they have a problem with addiction in the first place. The Treatment Alternatives Massachusetts drug rehab facility emphasizes the importance of open dialogue, so that patients feel safe as they begin to detox.

Addiction is a disease that requires lifelong treatment. It’s a chronic, progressive illness that haunts every addict at one point or another when left untreated. We find that addicts who bottle up their emotions and thoughts will eventually use again. Individual and group therapy, as well as sponsors, help addicts talk through their urges and fight them.

Individual therapy allows patients the opportunity to sit down with a psychiatrist and work through their fears, worries, regrets, hopes, etc. This form of counseling has proven to be very successful with the drug recovery process.

Group Therapy is a less personal, but more intimate form of communication treatment involving a lead counselor and several patients opening-up simultaneously in one setting. It’s difficult for an addict to detox and find ways to accept their actions and the pain they’ve inflicted upon loved ones. Group therapy helps them communicate with people who have similar stories.

The communication process helps a person accept who they were for better or worse, while embracing the person that they eventually want to be.


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