Philosophy of Treatment

Philosophy of Treatment

No one decides to become an alcoholic, a drug addict, an over-eater or a sex addict. Addiction is a coping mechanism developed by addicts to handle events and emotions in their lives. The core issues underlying addictive behavior can determine the ability of one to stay clean and sober. Treatment can vary from traditional therapies to new age approaches. Unfortunately, many treatment facilities utilize therapies lacking any basis in scientific foundation and operate despite their lack of licensures.

At Treatment Alternatives, we passionately assist each client’s personal exploration of these core issues. These core issues lead to inappropriate decision making, impulsive and self destructive behavior. Treatment Alternatives staff utilize evidence based treatment approaches and therapies. That means your treatment plan and experience has the power of scientific evidence behind it.

To uncover and immediately address these core issues, Treatment Alternatives incorporates the work of Irving Yalum and his four givens: Mortality, Isolation, Freedom and Meaninglessness as well as other recognized therapeutic approaches. Our experience has revealed that unless a person’s basic responses to the life that has been lived are acknowledged, understood and addressed, the addict will endlessly repeat thought and behavior patterns; thus leading to relapse again and again — a painful but common occurrence.

Treatment Alternatives has developed an experiential approach to treating addiction by combining therapies to address childhood trauma, as well as the events of the here and now. We incorporate Cognitive Behavioral therapies, Rapid Eye Movement therapy (EMDRT), individual and group therapies, as well as holistic therapies: art therapy, nutritional consultations, Acupuncture, spiritual workshops, and yoga. All these therapeutic experiences are integrated with the 12 Step Principles of Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12 step programs. Treatment Alternatives believes that each client has needs; one type fits all substance abuse treatment approaches do not and cannot address individual needs.

We are driven to help our clients get the foundation, the tools, and the strength to live life to the fullest. The cycle of addiction can be broken and a life worth living is obtainable at Treatment Alternatives.

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