Limiting Opioid Prescriptions

As the need to treat different ailments grow and medicines evolve, new prescriptions are becoming available on the market almost daily. Since the United State is one of the few countries that allow pharmaceutical companies to advertise directly to the public, the minds of those suffering from paid are being flooded with misrepresentation of opioid prescriptions, unaware that they are doing more harm than good. Treating issues like sickness, physical, and mental health issues for war veterans, the issue of growing opioid prescriptions is so severe that state legislators have no choice but the get involved with the monitoring and limiting of such opioid prescriptions and medicines.

Aside from those that are illegally obtaining opioids, an alarming number of people are gaining access to such drugs through completely legal prescriptions provided by Americas doctors. With many proven cases of addiction to such prescription drugs, we are now facing a growing problem of drug overdose. In response, legislation is being pressured to limit opioid prescriptions. New Jersey, for example, limited opioid prescriptions to a 5-day supply, making New Jersey one of the strictest states regarding prescriptions. There are varying policies among all states, but there has been a common agreement that stricter limitations on prescriptions should be established in order to save our nation from further drug downfall. Doctors are now being encouraged to provide alternative solutions to pain management that can eliminate the risk of addiction while simultaneously helping the patient to feel better, which is a core idea of our treatment approach at our New York drug rehab.

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