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The anesthetic drug Ketamine has been gaining popularity in the streets as a party drug, but Treatment Alternatives in New York warns that the drug can be fatal.

What is ketamine?

Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic, which means it causes a sense of anesthesia, but not an entire loss of consciousness. Its intended use is in hospitals, to assist in putting the patient to sleep to prevent pain and discomfort during medical procedures. It is commonly used in veterinary medicine, for tranquilizing large animals such as horses and elephants. However, when using ketamine inappropriately, it distorts the user’s perception, induces amnesia, and provides feelings of detachment from one’s self and their environment.

How is ketamine taken?

In hospitals, it is injected into the muscle; but for illicit drug use, it is snorted or swallowed. It is odorless and tasteless; therefore, some users add it to their beverages. In recent years, ketamine has taken off as a party drug, commonly found at raves, clubs, and concerts. Because it is undetectable, it has been used to drug people without their knowledge, in efforts to put them in a vulnerable state.

What are the effects of using ketamine?

Ketamine is desired by drug users because it causes a dream-like state and hallucinations. Those who have used it claim to feel disconnected from their bodies, or that they are floating. A person using ketamine in smaller doses will experience impaired attention and memory. High doses cause delirium, impaired motor function, depression, and sometimes fatal respiratory problems.

Ketamine is also known to cause nausea, vomiting, and a sense of helplessness. It sends the user into a confused and helpless state, as they lose the ability to coordinate their movements. As with all drug use, there are frequent reports of “bad trips” which involve the user fearing they are having a near death experience. A negative high on ketamine can also lead to violent behavior. The individual becomes much more aggressive than they normally would be.

What are the street names for Ketamine?

As it has gained popularity in illicit drug trade, common street names for using ketamine include: Special K, Super Acid, Vitamin K, Cat tranquilizer, Cat valium, K, Jet K

Can you overdose from Ketamine?

YES. Ketamine is to be distributed in specific doses by professionals; therefore, abusing it at clubs or parties is extremely dangerous. Misusing ketamine can lead to a coma, psychosis, and sometimes death. Ketamine overdose can send the user into respiratory failure, which will lead to a loss of consciousness, blocked airways, and eventually causing death.

If confronted early enough, Ketamine addiction is treatable. Contact Treatment Alternatives New York to build a treatment plan that best suits your needs.

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