Insurance/Private Pay

Insurance Options to Receive Treatment

The world of insurance and insurance coverage has changed for the better. Under the new Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, substance abuse treatment and mental health treatment must receive parity in treatment. There can be no difference in coverage for mental health or substance abuse treatment than there is for medical/surgical conditions. That allows many more people to get the comprehensive treatment they need.

The battle that still looms large before you or your loved one is accepting that addiction treatment is necessary. If you or your loved one had gone through treatment before and relapsed, it merely means there is more work to be done. Relapse rates for addicts are the same as those for people who suffer setbacks for diabetes. Comprehensive, multidisciplinary treatment works.

Treatment Alternatives accepts most major insurance plans as long as out of network benefits apply. We do not accept Medicare or state funded programs. We have a full range of substance abuse treatment programs that may fit into your insurance coverage. We offer outpatient detox, PHP, IOP, OP with the option of housing should it be needed. Our programs are comprehensive utilizing the latest in addiction medicine and substance abuse treatment.

Should your state plan not apply to receiving out of state substance abuse treatment, we are happy to accept private pay. A payment plan to fit your needs can be established enabling you to get the addiction treatment you need. Why it is not pleasant, the reality is that you or your loved one will spend far more than the cost of treatment on drugs and alcohol, not to mention the destruction of the family, everyone’s health, and financial security. Treatment is not a luxury item it is a necessary tool in ending active drug and alcohol addiction.

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