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How to Stop Doing Heroin

For those suffering from a substance abuse addiction, you know that quitting is much harder than it seems. Oftentimes, without the help of a rehab center in New York, getting clean can seem downright impossible.

Luckily, with the help of Treatment Alternatives New York, sobriety is possible. Medical management of your heroin addiction treatment will ensure that your detox goes as safely as possible. However, successful treatment for a heroin addiction is much more in-depth than simply ridding your body of the toxins you have put in it. It requires routine maintenance, commitment to sobriety, and patience.

Without the help of a New York drug treatment facility, the heroin withdrawal symptoms may prove to be too much, which cause some people to relapse back into heroin use. For this reason, it is not recommended to stop doing heroin cold turkey. In order to ease your body off of heroin, your rehab center in New York will medically manage the process of gradually decreasing your dosage.

When you do start to experience heroin withdrawal symptoms, they generally peak after 72 hours and last for 7-10 days after you stop taking heroin. Additional issues such as mood and sleep disorders can carry on for weeks or months later.

Heroin withdrawal symptoms include:

– Abdominal cramps

– Body pains

– Cold sweats

– Chills

– Cravings

– Depression

– Disturbed sleep

– Fever

– Nausea

– Sweating

– Tearing

– Vomiting

The length and magnitude of these heroin withdrawal symptoms will vary depending on how long heroin was abused and to what extent. However, the factor that does not vary is the fact that these withdrawal symptoms are best managed with medical management from trained professionals. After all, the last thing that you want to do is put in all this hard work and dedication towards sobering up, only to have it result in a relapse because the withdrawal symptoms because too much to handle.

Before treatment for heroin addiction can begin, you must detox off of heroin. Treatment Alternatives New York offers outpatient detox supervised by a physician who specializes in heroin addiction and withdrawal, and we are committed to making your detox comfortable and complete. Once you have successfully completely heroin detox, we will help guide you through relapse prevention, substance abuse education, group and individual therapy, life skills, and various other tools for making sure that you stay clean and avoid relapse.

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