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How to Recover from Relapse

While you are getting help for a drug or alcohol abuse problem, at a rehab center in New York, the threat of a relapse is always there. After all, it is understandable how there might be some slip up’s along the way; making such a life changing decision to get sober is a lifelong journey and it does not happen overnight.

Since relapse is not that uncommon for those who are in recovery, Treatment Alternatives New York knows exactly how to get you back on track again. Except this time, you will approach recovery with even more focus, dedication, and commitment to stay on the straight and narrow with help from your New York drug treatment program.

Recommit. This time around, make a list of things that you enjoyed about your life when you were clean and sober; next, make a list outlining everything you hate about drinking and taking drugs. Chances are, once you see the sharp contrast between how great your life is without drugs in it, to how much harder using makes it on your life – you will not even entertain the idea of relapsing ever again. Make your relapse a source of strength, rather than a memory of weakness, for your recovery at a New York drug treatment center.

Resources. If facing sobriety alone is too much to handle, then pick up some resources along the way. Learning some new coping mechanisms is always a good thing, and picking up more healthy habits will only make you stronger in the long run. Try some things that you have never considered before, such as yoga, painting, or writing. All of those activities will help you express your pain better and refocus you towards your commitment to recovery during your stay at a rehab center in New York.

Reach Out. For those who do end up relapsing after finishing treatment at a New York drug treatment program, now is not the time to hide away from others because you are embarrassed of your actions; it will only dig you deeper into your addiction. Avoid getting stuck in your relapse and reach out to people who are able to get you back on the right track. Contact sober, supportive friends, or a professional who is equipped to help you navigate the road back to sobriety.

Redirect. If your recovery was going great and then all of a sudden you seemingly relapsed out of nowhere, then it time to redirect your recovery. Since whatever you were doing before could not protect you from relapsing, it is time to take on a new approach to recovery. Do things that really fulfill you and give you purpose in life, it will only strengthen your recovery and give you more motivation to stay sober.

If you or a loved one are in need of a quality New York drug treatment center, call Treatment Alternatives New York today for more information.

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