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How to Prevent Teen Drug Use

It may come as a surprise to learn that teens make up a very large percentage of drug users today. In fact, the National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that while cigarette use among teens is declining, marijuana use is increasing each year.  Furthermore, 50% of deaths within the age range of 15-24 are caused by drug related accidents, suicides or homicides. Addiction treatment centers in New York say that it is crucial for the safety and well-being of your teen to be aware of the devastating effects that teen drug use and alcohol consumption can have on their lives; both short and long term.

Know the facts. If there is previous family history of drug or alcohol use, there is a higher risk that your child will experience similar drug abuse issues. Regardless of family history, drugs are unpredictable, and can result in an issue for a user at any age. The earlier your child or teen discovers and tries drugs, the more likely he or she will be developing problems. The developing brain of a child and young adult is negatively impacted by using drugs such as alcohol and tobacco. Extensive usage of such drugs can also increase the risk of mental illness caused by addiction. As a brain matures throughout adolescent years, introducing drugs to the body can cause negative brain changes that result in future problems.

Studies show that with each year that a person gets older, the less likely they are to engage in delinquent behavior, such as drug use. This phenomenon is known as “Aging out of crime”.  Preventing your teenager from using drugs early on will boost their success in their 20s and 30s as they no longer feel tempted by the same vices.

Know the signs. There are a few easy ways to determine if your teen is using or relying on drugs. Obvious behavioral changes such as heightened anxiety and depression, delinquent behavior, struggling in school, and failing to maintain relationships are large indicators of drug use. If you notice these signs,  Treatment Alternatives New York urges you to get in contact with a doctor immediately.

Get involved. The most important factor in preventing teen drug use and abuse is to be present and actively involved with them throughout their adolescent and teen years. In society today, teenagers can experience extremely high social pressure and wonder why it would hurt to try a certain drug that all the “cool kids” are doing. It is easy for your child to get wrapped up in their social image, get stuck in the wrong crowd, and ignore long-term consequences for instant gratification. A strong role model is crucial for a developing teenager. The best way to keep your teen from veering in the wrong direction is by educating them on the major consequences of teen drug use and by supporting them day to day. A supportive home and school environment will decrease the risk of your teens involvement with drug use.

If you’re aware of teen drug use or abuse in your home, it’s not too late. There are treatment options available to help your child get back on track toward a healthier lifestyle. Treatment Alternatives New York has been notable in assisting in the recovery of individuals of all ages. There is an answer when you have nowhere else to go. Rely on the people who know the most about how to break addictions. Our wide-ranging programs will fit the needs of any patient that requires the extra push to finding recovery. Visit our website, or contact our Addiction Helpline at 1-877-957-5113 for quick assistance on your search for help.


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