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How to Identify Substance Abuse in the Workplace

Did you know that almost one out of ten full-time employees need the help of a New York drug rehab?

According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Inc., substance abuse in the workplace cost employers $81 billion annually.

Partner at ReNew Behavioral Health Advisors, Tom Dehnel, shares that, “When mangers actually sit down and calculate how much money they could be losing to substance abuse problems, it makes them wonder what they can do about it.” Further commenting on substance abuse in the workplace and how a New York drug rehab could help, Dehnel indicates that, “Most people don’t know that in every organization, there is probably someone experiencing a substance abuse issue. Statistically, most companies are going to have an employee who is working at less than their full potential because of abuse or addiction to prescription pills, alcohol, or other drugs.”

When it comes to finding a solution to employee substance abuse in the workplace, make sure you know what to look for with this guide from Treatment Alternatives New York.

What signs should employers be looking for? When it comes to substance abuse in the workplace, one of the main signs that managers should be looking for is tardiness or excessive absenteeism. If someone who was always on time all of a sudden begins showing up late to work more often than not, then this is definitely a red flag that something is wrong. Or, if someone is physically present but slacking in terms of productivity, then this could also point towards someone needing the help of a New York drug rehab.

How should employers manage substance abuse in the workplace? If you do suspect that one of your employees has a drug abuse problem, then make sure your health plan includes coverage for substance abuse services. Employers should give members access to substance abuse providers, including inpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient treatment, and regular outpatient treatment.

Why should employers cover costs for a New York drug rehab? One of the main reasons why employers should cover costs for substance abuse in the workplace is because it will ultimately save them money in the long run. How is this, you ask? When it comes down to it, hiring and training someone new is much more expensive than paying for drug abuse treatment in the workplace. Moreover, substance abuse in the workplace makes existing medical problems much worse; when new physical problems arise, then the employer often ends up paying for it on their insurance anyways.

Do you know someone who needs help for substance abuse in the workplace? Call Treatment Alternatives New York today for more information.

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