How to Have a Successful Intervention

How to Have a Successful Intervention 

As a family member, friend, or partner of a drug addict, it can be disheartening to watch the person you care about refuse to help themselves. There will eventually come a point when you decide it’s time to find your loved one the help they need to beat their addiction. While there are many factors that go into treating a substance abuse issue, the very first step is addressing the issue.

What is a drug intervention?

A common way to address a substance abuse issue is an intervention – action taken to help the addict recognize the extent of their issue, and accept that they need help. Drug interventions are aimed for those who refuse to admit they have a problem, or those who refuse to accept help and recovery.

How does a drug intervention work?

An intervention should be a structured process, based around finding a solution to the issue at hand. A successful intervention is not a confrontation, but rather an opportunity for an addicted individual to understand the problem and accept that they need help in taking the necessary steps to recovery.

Family members, friends, and loved ones can gather together prior to the intervention to discuss their common goals and how each person will play a role in the intervention and the recovery process.

How can you ensure a successful drug intervention?

The top New York addiction treatment center, Treatment Alternatives, suggests the following:

Contact a professional – an interventionist can help you determine the best approach for your intervention. The addiction treatment professionals at our New York drug rehab can provide you with guidance.

Plan the details – Plan who will be in attendance, and what they will add to the discussion. Gather all the information you need, including specific instances and examples to point out to your loved one, consequences if the behavior continues, etc. Planning what will be said throughout the intervention is key towards getting your loved one to acknowledge that they have a substance abuse problem and that they need help from New York drug treatment facilities. Each member of the group should plan what they are going to say beforehand so that the topic of discussion does get derailed from its original intention.

Allow for Open Discussion – Never criticize. An intervention should never feel like an attack, rather an open discussion where both parties feel safe expressing their concerns.

Have help ready – Know where you are going to suggest your loved one seeks help, and have information on hand for them to learn more about it.

Follow up – Once your loved one agrees to go to treatment, follow up with them to provide an encouraging support system through their recovery. If your loved one refuses to seek help for their drug abuse, then you and your family must follow through with the ultimatum given at the time of the intervention. If this is the case, you may want to seek counseling and therapy so you are better prepared to deal with the behaviors of the addict.

When should the intervention take place?

The addiction treatment community does not believe that an addict should have to hit rock bottom before his or her loved one’s step in to help. At Treatment Alternatives, the top New York addiction treatment center, we believe early intervention is key to preventing major drug addiction issues in the future.  Interventions tend to work better when the addict is not expecting it, so they don’t have much time to avoid it, however they should never feel cornered.

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