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Five Answers to Common OxyContin Abuse Questions

Do you suspect that a loved one has a drug addiction problem? If so, then there are common red flags that point toward OxyContin abuse. Once you have identified the problem, chances are you will find yourself asking the ever-more pressing question: are there any treatment options at a New York addiction rehab that will help my loved one sober up?

Luckily, Treatment Alternatives New York has the answers to all your questions – and then some. Familiarize yourself with the five answers to common OxyContin abuse questions.

  1. What are signs of OxyContin abuse? Someone who changes their dosage or continues to take the painkiller longer than it is prescribed is a good candidate for New York addiction rehab. Typical red flags that OxyContin abuse is happening include taking a higher dosage than prescribed, taking it more frequently than recommended, taking it longer than what is necessary, and taking it by other ways other than how it is prescribed.
  2. What are the common symptoms of OxyContin abuse? Common behavioral, physical, and psychological symptoms of OxyContin abuse include:
    • Behaving secretively
    • Combining OxyContin with other drugs
    • Constant obsession with how to get more OxyContin
    • Continuing to use OxyContin despite negative impact on health, home, social, or work life
    • Frequent changes in mood
    • Going through withdrawal symptoms when OxyContin doses are lowered or interrupted
    • Initiating unsuccessful attempts to quit using OxyContin
    • Investing all resources in OxyContin
    • Lack of concentration at home, school, or work
    • Lack of trust in other people
    • Not following doctor’s recommendations for OxyContin administration
    • Physical dependency on OxyContin
    • Strong psychological urge to do more OxyContin
    • Turning to criminal acts in order to get OxyContin
  3. What are the biggest effects of OxyContin abuse? One of the main effects of OxyContin abuse is dependency on the drug and continuing to take it longer than it was prescribed in order to function properly. Upon entering into a New York addiction rehab, the first three to four weeks are usually spent withdrawing from OxyContin.
  4. What are the common side effects of OxyContin withdrawal? Some of the most common symptoms include:
    • Accelerated breathing
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Fast heart beat
    • Joint pain and aches
    • Loss of appetite
    • Nausea
    • Restlessness
    • Runny nose
    • Sleep disturbances
    • Watering eyes
    • Yawning
  5. What is the typical treatment for OxyContin abuse? Specialists at a New York addiction rehab can help OxyContin users detox successfully by minimizing discomforts while simultaneously treating mental health disorders. Once detox is completed, OxyContin abuse treatment is the next course of action; at Treatment Alternatives New York, you don’t even have to change facilities, states, or treating staff. During OyContin abuse treatment, all patients will receive a full assessment, a custom treatment plan, and on-going evaluations to monitor and address changes in progress.
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