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Congratulations on successfully completing drug rehabilitation at Treatment Alternatives Massachusetts! The next step is rebuilding your life in a more constructive way; creating a positive environment and support system to live your life healthier and happier. One of the fundamental beliefs of life is this: people need a purpose. In general, people’s sense of morale is dependent on their personal contribution to society. Finding a job after rehab helps you to give back to the same community that is now giving you a second chance.

Many people in rehab worry that they won’t have any luck finding a job after rehab. Not only is the job market competitive for everyone, but those who have spent time in a drug rehab may fear they will be undesirable due to their past, or that they won’t be able to market themselves properly.

Here’s what you can do to successfully prepare yourself for finding a job after rehab:

Make a list of what you want to do: Explore your passion, your goals and what job would be fulfilling to you. At some point, most people have to do work that is not particularly their favorite, but it is a stepping stone towards finding the job you would like to have. Remember, everyone must start somewhere.

Make a list of your resources: Family, friends, former employers, the Department of Labor’s Career Center, National Hire Network, and America in Recovery – a organization that links employers with those in recovery.

Create a resume: Include your experience, education, and skills, emphasizing your positive attributes. Treatment Alternatives Massachusetts recommends that you do not mention your past addiction if not necessary, but be truthful about it if it gets brought up. An employer may not hire you if they find out you omitted or lied about this information.

Network: Talk to people. Put the word out there that you have completed recovery and are ready to work. Networking can be very beneficial in finding a job after rehab, as minor connections can put you in touch with someone hiring. Treatment Alternatives Massachusetts also recommends attending job fairs.

Use the internet: The internet can be one of the most helpful resources. Use Craigslist, Monster, Indeed, and LinkedIn to find job postings that interest you.

Use the power of face to face interactions: Face to face interactions seem to have more of an effect on people than any other kind. Don’t assume a company is not hiring. Go to their office with your resume, and ask to speak with someone about a potential job.

STAY POSITIVE Rehab is the only place where you should be a quitter. Finding a job can be tough and takes time. If you are not seeing results immediately, remember to keep a positive attitude and keep working towards your goal.

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