Everything You Need to Know about Designer Drugs

Everything You Need to Know about Designer Drugs

Are you concerned that your loved one may be abusing drugs? Have you heard your friend talking about using drugs, but are unsure about which substances they are even referring to? Then don’t worry because you are not alone; nowadays there are so many designer drugs on the market, it can be hard to tell whether “China Girl” is the name of a drug or a movie.

Between “Cloud Nine,” “Businessman’s Trip,” “Nineteen,” and “Roachies,” it is near impossible to figure out which ones are designer drugs (hint: they all are), and what kind of drugs they contain. Throughout recent years designer drugs have become more and more common; as a result, drug abuse programs in Massachusetts are now seeing more and more people being admitted for designer drug addiction. Designer drugs are synthetic or manmade drugs that are usually produced in a laboratory, and are meant to mimic the effects of popular drugs, including illegal drugs and prescription medications.

Teenagers and young adults often make the mistake of thinking that designer drugs are “safe” to use, which could not be further from the truth. They vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so you using these drugs are similar to playing Russian roulette. In fact, designer drugs oftentimes produce an effect that is much stronger than the actual drug, resulting in immediate serious health problems, needing help from a Massachusetts addiction center, and even death.

There are many reasons why so many teens are finding themselves needing to get help from a Massachusetts drug rehab program; the main one is because designer drugs are much easier for teens to get ahold of. Another reason is because these types of drugs may not seem so intimidating, since they might have the misguided notion that they are not “real drugs.” However, many people who use designer drugs quickly figure out that they are very wrong; a lot of times, the drugs are stronger than the original ones, and it is not uncommon for users to experience long term brain damage, and in some cases even die from overdoses.

Some common designer drug names and their ingredients include:

– Adam: MDMA

– Apache: Fentanyl

– Bromo: Nexus

– Businessman’s Trip: Dimethyltryptamine

– China Girl: Fentanyl

– Cloud Nine: Crack cocaine; MDMA

– Domex: PCP and MDMA

– Ephedrone: Methcathinone

– Friend: Fentanyl

– Gaggers: Methcathinone

– Honey Oil: Ketamine; inhalants

– Jet: Ketamine

– Kleenex: MDMA

– La Rocha: Rohypnol

– Morning Shot: Amphetamine; MDMA

– Nineteen: Amphetamine; MDMA

– Pikachu: Pill containing PCP and Ecstasy

– Qat: Methcathinone

– Roachies: Rohypnol

– Special “K”: Ketamine

– TNT: Heroin plus Fentanyl

– S.P.: Amphetamine; MDMA

– Venus: Nexus

– Wafers: MDMA

– X: Marijuana; Amphetamine; MDMA

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