Research, over the last twenty years, has provided scientists and health practitioners with a great deal of knowledge about those suffering from addiction. The American Medical Association evaluates and describes medical conditions so that proper diagnosis will occur. Dual Diagnosis, one of the AMA’s categories, describes a person suffering from a mental health disorder such as:

Dual Diagnosis is not limited to the above mentioned mental health disorders. Other combinations of mental health disorders with substance abuse are part of the Dual Diagnosed category.

Sometimes, the mental health disorder occurs first, and the sufferer begins to use drugs and/or alcohol to feel better. Sometimes the drug and/or alcohol use starts first, and then a mental health disorder is created by the abusive use of substances.

Either way, both the mental health disorder and the addiction must be correctly diagnosed. If a person suffers from anxiety and that is the underlying cause of substance abuse, treating the substance abuse alone will not address the core issue.

If a person develops an anxiety disorder as a result of abusing drugs, and the substance abuse issue is not diagnosed or addressed, the anxiety disorder will continue or worsen. Proper diagnosis and a comprehensive treatment plan must be implemented.

Not all treatment facilities have the licensed staff to diagnose, prescribe medication, monitor and treat dual diagnoses. At Treatment Alternatives, our physicians specialize in addiction medicine and our therapists are experts in treating mental health disorders in conjunction with substance abuse. Recovery is possible only when all aspects of the client’s mental and physical condition are accurately diagnosed and addressed. Once that occurs, long term recovery is possible.

You want to be clean and sober and regain your life. To do that you must be accurately diagnosed. Call Treatment Alternatives today and get a comprehensive dual diagnosis assessment. One of our recovering representatives can help you get started and ease your way into treatment. Take back your life treat your mental health disorder and arrest your addiction.







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