Drug Overdose Related Deaths Surging in America

According to recent data, drug overdose has become the leading cause of death for Americans under the age of 50. The CDC has stated that the rate of fatal drug overdoses has more than doubled since the year 1999. Heroin alone accounts for over a quarter of drug overdose deaths, followed by other opioids such as methadone, codeine, fentanyl and hydrocodone.

Substance abuse, despite the amount of information we have on its dangers, has reached near epidemic status, particularly with opioids. There are various contributing factors to users of opioids however. For starters, the ease in which they are accessible plays a strong role in usage. Most opioids come from prescription drugs that are used to combat addiction or other illnesses. Codeine is a prime example of this.

The prescription cough medicine codeine is used to treat mild to moderate pain and acute cough. It is abused either on its own or in the form of the popular club drink, “Lean.” Cocaine continues to be another drug showing up regularly in the coroner’s examinations. A major contributing factor in cocaine-related overdoses is the appearance of Fentanyl’s. Fentanyl is a potent, synthetic opioid medication, used to treat pain. When combined with drugs such as heroin or cocaine, it can become fatal, causing irregularities in an individual’s heartbeat and difficulties in breathing.

The Treatment Alternatives drug rehabilitation center in New Jersey is one of many institutions devoted to preventing drug overdose and helping addicts reach permanent sobriety. Unfortunately, many people suffering from a controlled substance dependency don’t seek help in time. With drug usage becoming more of a concern over the last decade, detox and extended treatment programs have become much more of a necessity.

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