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Drug and Alcohol Use During Pregnancy: Get the Facts

It has been said time and time again that the joys of having a baby are unparalleled. When a woman becomes a mother, she takes on the world’s most selfless role, providing her baby with a healthy, loving, and supportive environment. Whether you are currently pregnant or planning on it, every mother wants a healthy baby. Treatment Alternatives, a drug rehab center in Florida, knows that the love between a mother and her baby is unique, and wants you to learn how you can create the safest, healthiest environment for your child by avoiding drug and alcohol use during pregnancy.

Just because a mother may not experience long-lasting effects of drug or alcohol use, the same cannot be said for your baby. Health issues caused by irresponsible behavior can be passed down to your unborn baby, causing drug or alcohol dependencies, heightened stress levels, and sometimes abnormalities and development issues.

Learn the facts of the harmful effects of drug and alcohol use during pregnancy from Treatment Alternatives:

Not only are illegal drugs and alcohol dangerous to an unborn baby, over-the-counter drugs may have harmful effects as well. Testing on pregnant women is unethical, but despite the lack of official scientific studies, doctors recommend pregnant women avoid any OTC medications during their pregnancy to avoid complications.

If you smoke, drink, or consume caffeine, your fetus does too.

Cocaine may lead an unborn fetus to have a stroke, which could cause death.

Mothers who smoke during their pregnancy are increasing the likelihood their baby has congenital heart defects. If these heart defects do not kill your child, they will put your child through a lifetime of health issues and disabilities.

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause your baby to develop Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). Babies born with FAS experience abnormal facial features, development issues within their central nervous system, and growth deficiencies.


The effects of drug and alcohol use during pregnancy don’t stop while the fetus is in the womb; pregnant mothers are also more susceptible to experiencing birthing issues.

Using methamphetamines while pregnant increases the risk of a miscarriage.

Using drugs during pregnancy increases the chance of premature birth, underweight birth, and stillborn births.

Babies exposed to drugs experience withdrawal symptoms, such as excessive crying and trembling at birth.


The damage does not stop once the baby is born:

Drug and alcohol use during pregnancy can cause your baby to be irritable. You may experience excessive irritability and feeding difficulties.

Cocaine exposed babies are more likely to have heart issues and brain damage.

In early childhood, these babies born to mothers who used drugs and alcohol during pregnancy will experience issues in the development of their brain structure. As they grow older, they will face deficits in cognitive performance, information processing, and attentiveness. Drug and alcohol use of the mother will cause the child to suffer from damage to the development of memory.

These children are noted to have behavioral problems in early childhood.


Treatment Alternatives can help you get on the right path in order to ensure that you are creating the safest and most nurturing environment for your baby to develop. If you or a loved one is pregnant and has a substance abuse issue, contact our drug and alcohol rehab facility in Boca Raton today.


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