Drug Addiction

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Treatment Alternatives offers anyone seeking help from substance abuse an integrated, holistic, fully accredited, licensed, evidence based, long lasting approach to addiction treatment and recovery. Our Master’s level therapists, clinicians and physicians are dedicated to bringing you the latest and most effective therapeutic approaches in addiction treatment. With the appropriate support and a strong foundation in recovery, combined with 12 Step principles, meetings and mental health counseling, you significantly increase your chances of maintaining and growing in recovery. At Treatment Alternatives, we are committed to seeing you break the cycle of addiction and relapse. You will receive the skills, the tools, the knowledge and support to maintain sobriety once you leave our facilities.

We offer a variety of programs designed to fit your emotional, spiritual, financial and lifestyle needs.

Our detox program run by State licensed physicians, specialist in addiction medicine, offers you the opportunity to detox with a minimum of discomfort. We strongly believe that every detox should be complete—that means we do not substitute one addiction for another. Detox alone will not stop the cycle of addiction. We know that detox is the first step in recovery. It prepares the client to enter a comprehensive treatment program and begin the real work of recovery.

We have programs that last from 30-90 days period. Studies indicate that the longer a person remains connected to treatment protocols the better the long term outcome. Simply put, long term treatment significantly increases your chances of maintaining sobriety while you rebuild your life.

To increase the odds of maintaining a strong sustainable recovery, Treatment Alternatives uses adaptive, comprehensive assessment approaches on a regular basis. Every client’s treatment plan is regularly reviewed and revised addressing changes in client progress. We closely adhere to the parameters set by State and Federal agencies for care as well as those set by the Joint Commission and the American Society of Addiction Medicine. We recognize the needs of women and men are different; our multidisciplinary and gender specific treatment approach addresses those needs.

We never leave our clients stranded after any phase of treatment. Our treatment is based upon continuity of care at every phase including our extensive aftercare plan and our affiliated structured sober living houses. This continuum of care is crucial for the continued progression in recovery. Research studies indicate that clients who have a continuum of care have better outcomes then those who must move from place to place for each phase of treatment. Sadly, clients forced to move from a facility to facility significantly suffer higher rates of relapse.

We understand addiction and treatment and for nearly 3 decades have been providing quality care and service to those men and women desperately seeking to break free of addiction.

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