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For those of you who opt out on dessert after a big meal but still continue to drink an alcoholic beverage, do not be fooled: you are not saving yourself extra calories or weight gain. Science has proven that drinking alcohol causes weight gain.

Simply stated, alcohol is essentially poison to your body. Your body does not know how to store it, so it tries to eliminate it right away through metabolizing it.  When your body concentrates on metabolizing alcohol, it puts all other fats and sugars on the backburner, leaving everything it should have been eliminating just sitting in your body, turning to fat.

Pure fat contains 9 calories per gram. Alcohol is almost as bad as pure fat, containing 7 calories per gram. Alcohol is full of sugar, and sugar turns into fat. Not to mention, alcohol has zero nutritional value, which means it does nothing to help your body and everything to harm your body. Weight gain boils down to calories in and calories out. When you are consuming more than you are getting rid of, you gain weight.  For adults who regularly drink, alcohol consumption contributes to 10 percent of their consumed calories.

So for those of you who do not think twice to have a few drinks at the end of a long day, you are not helping your health in any way. In some cases, it might be better to just order the dessert instead, since alcohol causes weight gain. In terms of calorie consumption, you may be shocked to find that these commonly ordered drinks are just as bad as an unhealthy meal:

1 piña colada is equivalent to 1 donut.

1 glass of wine is equivalent to 1 slice of cake.

Liquor mixed with soda is the equivalent to consuming a blueberry muffin.

1 pint of beer is equivalent to a whole slice of pizza.

1 frozen margarita is equivalent in calories to an entire cheeseburger.

Studies show the average wine drinker consumes an extra 2,000 calories each month, which is the same as 141 ice cream cones per year.

The caloric value is bad enough on its own, and most drinks are paired with a sugary mixer, which only makes weight gain more likely. For example, tequila is just 100 calories, but once you make a margarita out of it, you are up to 500 calories for just one drink. Just a few margaritas and you have already exceeded your daily calorie intake of the day. Not to mention, once you have been drinking you are more likely to make poorer choices in regards to food consumption, causing you to eat unhealthy foods and sugars while your body is already storing other unhealthy sugars. This is another way alcohol causes weight gain.

After a long day at work, stress from your kids, or financial worries, turning to alcohol may seem like an easy way to relax. However, in the long run, reaching for the bottle does you more harm than good.  Break your habit with the help of Treatment Alternatives New York.


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