Confronting a Friend with a Drinking Problem

People who are battling substance abuse are typically unhappy with their life in some shape, form, or fashion. Because of their depression or anger, they may turn to alcohol as a vice, often to the point of abuse. This is not only harmful to the individual, but to their family and friends who are forced to tolerate their outlandish behavior. It can be extremely difficult confronting a friend with a drinking problem. Oftentimes an alcoholic won’t acknowledge that the problem exists, instead claiming that they function just fine or that a situation where things had gotten out of control was a one-off. Once you recognize that your friend has a drinking problem, it may be time to get him or her some help.

Alcohol Rehabilitation in Boca Raton Florida

Treatment alternatives licensed recovery solutions is one of the best alcohol rehabilitation centers in Boca Raton Florida (considered to be the rehab capital of the country.) The patients in our care have all gone through the same phases of abuse, denial, and have needed to be coerced into receiving treatment for alcohol and other forms of substance abuse. Unfortunately, the dependency for alcohol often outweighs the desire to make a change that will improve their quality of life.

The issue with substance abuse is that it becomes an escape from reality for the individual. They view sober living as the problem and alcohol and drug use as the solution. When confronting a family member or friend with a drinking problem, an intervention is one of the most tried and proven ways to effectively get an alcoholic to realize they need help. You should be prepared to face resistance as you work to convince them to seek help from an alcohol rehabilitation center. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact a Treatment Alternatives representative right away.

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