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Cocaine Withdrawal: What You Should Know

Friends, family, and spouses of addicts may be hesitant to urge their loved one to join a drug rehabilitation program for their cocaine addiction. It is natural to be concerned about the detox process, withdrawal symptoms, and the treatment phase itself. At Treatment Alternatives, we know everyone is more comfortable when they understand how the process will work, so we want to make sure you are prepared when it comes to what you should expect when sending the person you care about to Treatment Alternatives.

Even though cocaine only provides a short-lived high, an intense depression follows it. It alters brain chemicals, so long term users become physically dependent on it, requiring higher doses to achieve the same high. An individual that is looking to receive treatment for a cocaine addiction will first have to go through the detoxification phase, which is the process of removing the drug from your system entirely. Detoxing from cocaine is different than other drugs, since it is water soluble and travels through the body quickly.

During the beginning stages of receiving treatment for cocaine addiction, the individual may experience the cocaine withdrawal symptoms that are both physical and psychological.

Psychological symptoms from cocaine withdrawal include:

Cocaine cravings

Depressed mood


Increased appetite

Restless behavior

Slow activity

Vivid or unpleasant dreams

While the cocaine withdrawal symptoms only last for about one to two weeks, the help of our Boca Raton rehab center will help make sure you are safely guided through the process.

Along with psychological symptoms from cocaine withdrawal, there are also physical side effects to take into consideration.

Physical symptoms from cocaine withdrawal include:

Body aches

Excessive sweating



Tremors and shakiness

Withdrawing from any drug means the body is going into shock, so medical management of cocaine addiction treatment is highly recommended to avoid complications and discomfort. Without medical management, the cravings can become too strong and lead to a relapse. Cocaine can be difficult to withdrawal from, which is why our facility creates an individualized plan for you based on your needs and length of drug use. The licensed, medical professionals at Treatment Alternatives can help you learn how to handle the associated side effects from cocaine withdrawal.

Aside from assisting you through a detox and withdrawal process, our medical professionals at Treatment Alternatives will provide the necessary tools and proper guidance for navigating the world sober. The risk of relapse is much higher when the former addict is simply put back into their old life with no coping mechanisms or support system. With the professional care from our Boca Raton rehab center, you or your loved one will have all the guidance and support to create a structured life, find a job, and replace old habits with healthier ones.

If you or someone you know is struggling to overcome a cocaine addiction, call our rehab facility at Treatment Alternatives for assistance today.

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