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Cocaine Withdrawal: What to Expect

Making the decision to get sober is one that is going to set the stage for the rest of your life. Before you enter into a Massachusetts drug rehab center, you will want to make sure that you are prepared in regards of knowing what to expect.

For those who are looking to get treatment for cocaine addiction, they will have to go through the steps of detoxing from it. One thing to be made aware of is the fact that detoxing from a cocaine addiction is different than any other drug. Since cocaine is water-soluble, it goes through your body fairly quickly. Even though cocaine only provides a short-lived high, users can still become physically dependent on it.

In total, cocaine is present in the body for about 72 hours after it is used, but traces of cocaine can still be found in urine for up to 12 weeks afterwards. When receiving substance abuse treatment at a Massachusetts addiction center, you will need to fully detox from cocaine, which usually lasts about 1-3 weeks. During the beginning stages of receiving treatment for cocaine addiction, you may experience the associated cocaine withdrawal symptoms.

Psychological symptoms from cocaine withdrawal include:

– Cravings for the drug

– Depressed mood

– Fatigue

– Increased appetite

– Restless behavior

– Slow activity

– Vivid and sometimes unpleasant dreams

Along with psychological symptoms from cocaine withdrawal, there are also physical side effects that you will want to be prepared to handle. While the cocaine withdrawal symptoms only last for about one to two weeks, the help of a Massachusetts addiction center will help make sure you are safely guided through it.

Physical symptoms from cocaine withdrawal include:

– Body aches

– Excessive sweating

– Exhaustion

– Pain

– Tremors and shakiness

Medical management of cocaine addiction treatment is highly recommended due to the complications that could arise. Since cocaine is difficult to withdrawal from, having the help of a Massachusetts drug rehab program will make sure that your treatment runs according to plan. Without medical management, the cravings can become too strong and lead to a relapse.

Along with making sure that a relapse is avoided, the medical professionals at your Massachusetts drug rehab center will help provide the necessary tools and proper guidance for navigating the world – sober. The risk of relapse is much higher when the former addict is simply put back into their old life with no coping mechanisms or support system. But with the help of Treatment Alternatives Massachusetts, you will have help in creating a structured life, finding a job, and replacing your old habits with healthy ones.

If you or a loved one are in need of a quality Massachusetts drug rehab program for cocaine addiction, then call Treatment Alternatives for more information today.

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