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Facts About Opiates

Headlines everywhere are highlighting America’s drug epidemic, with overdose deaths occurring at an all-time high. Chances are you’ve come across these heartbreaking stories of families torn apart and lives lost all too soon because of opiate addictions. Treatment Alternatives Massachusetts drug rehab is here to give you the facts about opiates. What are opiates? Opiates […]

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Walgreens to Start Storewide Opioid Abuse Prevention Programs

In recent news, one pharmacy is taking major strides toward fighting the opioid epidemic; Walgreens recently announced that they are planning to start two opioid abuse prevention programs with the hopes of expanding it to other states throughout the year. With the creation of these opioid abuse prevention programs, Walgreens hopes to steer people away […]

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New Massachusetts Syringe Exchange Program Promises to Help the Opioid Epidemic

When it comes to revolutionizing how the opioid epidemic battle is fought, Massachusetts is at the top of the game. Massachusetts drug rehabs continue to prove why their state is home to some of the most advanced methods for finding addiction with the recent creation of the syringe exchange program. The new syringe exchange program […]

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New York Anti-Heroin Task Force Promises to Fight the Opiate Epidemic

Local officials have been putting their all into making sure addicts find their way to a New York drug rehab program; recently, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the development of an anti-heroin task force. Geared toward regaining control over the opiate epidemic, this state-sponsored heroin task force will increase access to naloxone, the drug […]

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Who Is More Likely to Suffer from a Prescription Pill Overdose?

With the recent opioid pain pill epidemic taking off throughout the United States, unintentional overdose deaths have been skyrocketing in the past decade. The biggest culprit of these overdose deaths? Opioid pain pills such as OxyContin, Vicodin, Percocet, and other pills used to treat chronic pain. As people move away from expensive pharmaceuticals to cheaper […]

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Did You Know That Most High School Heroin Users Started with Prescription Opioids?

If you suspect that your teenage high school student is suffering from a drug addiction problem, then getting help sooner rather than later is the most important. After all, most high school heroin users started with prescription opioids. According to a study done by New York University, nearly 25% of high school seniors who misused […]

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