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Natural Remedies for Depression

There is no single cause for depression. Many life circumstances can work together to make a person feel despondent and overwhelmed, including traumatic life events, illnesses, genetics, and drug or alcohol abuse. Depression and substance abuse are frequently associated in a vicious cycle that seems impossible to break from. At Treatment Alternatives New York drug […]

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3 Ways Sobriety Will Alter Your Perceptions

Treatment Alternatives, a New York drug rehabilitation center, offers drug and alcohol addiction treatment for those who are ready to get clean, and stay clean. In your recovery and your sobriety, your perspective will change in many ways. Sobriety will change your perception of addiction. Before battling your own addiction, you may think of addiction […]

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Why You Should Avoid Non-Alcoholic Beer

At Treatment Alternative’s New York alcohol rehabilitation center, we know everyone’s addiction recovery is unique.  Each recovering addict uses personal methods and strategies to help stay focused and stay clean. Recovering alcoholics sometimes order nonalcoholic beer instead of regular beer.  This happens for several, self-justifying reasons: they still enjoy the taste of beer, they think […]

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