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What is a Sobriety Toolbox?

When facing a drug addiction, those in recovery need to ensure that their internal and external environments are as conducive to sobriety as possible. With years of experience in the addiction treatment industry, Treatment Alternatives New Jersey drug rehab has tips to help ensure your surroundings are creating a supportive environment for healing. Support can […]

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Science Shows Negative Relationship Between Marijuana and Sleep

Treatment Alternatives, a New Jersey drug rehabilitation center, has a message for marijuana users: marijuana does not help you sleep. New research is suggesting smoking marijuana before bed is having the opposite effects on sleep quality. Research on the relationship between marijuana and sleep is fairly new. However, studies have revealed that those reported being […]

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Marijuana Illness in Emergency Rooms

The New Jersey drug rehab at Treatment Alternatives reports a mysterious marijuana illness has been appearing with great frequency in hospitals nationwide, particularly in states with legal marijuana. Doctors have been experiencing a great increase in emergency room patients, reporting severe abdominal pains and violent vomiting. Doctors are calling this marijuana illness Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome. […]

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Super Bowl 51 Commercials Highlight Teen Drug Use

The epidemic of teenage overdoses in America is so great an issue that even major advertisers in Super Bowl 51 couldn’t ignore it. Treatment Alternatives New Jersey drug rehab says the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse ran two heartbreaking ads on Super Bowl Sunday, both showing parents who were mistakenly more concerned with […]

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