For treatment to be effective, every client who enters our program must be fully assessed. We do not believe in one size fits all treatment; instead our treatment programs are designed to meet individual needs. We employ a multidisciplinary team of physicians, Masters level therapist, clinicians, nutritionists, and alternative therapy specialists to determine the best approach to treatment and create an individualized treatment plan. The assessment itself is all encompassing gathering information about the client’s life. The evaluation includes:

  • A psycho-social evaluation
  • Emotional or mental health history
  • Levels of substance abuse
  • Treatment history
  • Family history
  • Employment history/ educational history
  • Social history
  • Medical history
  • Physical history
  • Cultural, leisure and sexual history
  • Motivations for Change
  • Criminal behavior history

These elements of the assessment are part of the American Society of Addiction Medicine’s protocols as well as those of the Federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration and help ensure that every client receives superior individualized treatment. (These protocols are part of what is termed “best practices”.) The client’s history may then reveal the presence of an underlying mental health disorder; if not diagnosed and treated the disorder could continually lead to relapse. It is as significant to identify the client’s strengths as it is to note the weaknesses. Both aspects of a client’s personality are needed to develop a comprehensive treatment plan.

Approaching treatment from a multidisciplinary, comprehensive perspective entails constant re-evaluation to match the client’s progress. Thus, benchmarks or goals are more easily identified. Unlike many other treatment programs, Treatment Alternatives involves the client in the development of the treatment plan and ongoing discussions about progress.

By the time a patient reaches completion of our program and is ready to move on, a current assessment has been completed, a working Aftercare plan or continuing care plan developed providing the client with a cohesive way for ongoing recovery and success.

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