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The biggest roadblock between a person and their sobriety is the decision to attempt it in the first place. If you find yourself struggling with an alcohol problem, questioning your relationship with alcohol, or wondering if you have enough of a problem to quit, our Massachusetts drug rehab asks this: Are you afraid to quit drinking?

Our staff at Treatment Alternatives Massachusetts drug rehab knows when someone has an alcohol problem, it is very easy to make excuses to continue drinking. A lot of people may be subconsciously afraid to quit drinking, although it has a continuously negative impact on their life. Here are the most common fears associated with quitting drinking, and how to move past them:

You suspect you might have a problem, but you’re not sure.

It could be because of your lifestyle or the way you were raised, but some people convince themselves that drinking every day is just a normal part of life. This often ends up in peer comparison, taking online assessments, or trying to figure out where you fall on the spectrum of problem drinking. Consider this: if you’re asking yourself if you have a problem, you might subconsciously already know there is a problem.

What can you do: ask yourself what it is that you want to be doing with your time, and assess whether alcohol is standing in the way of those goals.

You Are Afraid of Missing Fun

If you have a hard time imagining a fun time without alcohol – this means you’re afraid to quit drinking. People who depend on alcohol to loosen their inhibitions and help them have a “fun time” end up building their daily lives, all their social interactions, and even their relationships around the destructive habit of drinking.

The reality is that while you might think alcohol is helping you have a fun time, it’s wreaking havoc on your self-esteem, appearance, time, money, mental health, emotional balance, maturity, and future. If you are in a place where you KNOW alcohol is having significant negative impacts on your life, but are afraid to give up the “good parts”, it’s time to overcome your fear and do what’s best for yourself in the long run. The programs at our Massachusetts drug rehab center help you practice life skills for building healthy, sober relationships.

You are afraid you will fail sobriety, and even more afraid of what that means.

If you’re not allowing yourself the opportunity to quit drinking, ask yourself if it’s because of the implication of failure: does this mean you do have a problem? Are you avoiding this reality? The real question should be this: why is failing sobriety scarier than living with an alcohol problem?

Struggle, failure, and relapse are all possibilities when trying to recover from an alcohol addiction. However, they imply that you are trying to quit. Failure is a part of learning. Our Massachusetts drug rehab specializes in alcohol addiction, and can provide you with the necessary tools and a supportive staff to work on your sobriety in a way that best suits you. Remember this: If quitting drinking scares you, it means you’re on to something good.

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