5 Signs of a Quality Treatment Staff

5 Signs of a Quality Treatment Staff

Substance abuse affects individuals in different ways, depending on the type of drug in question. Chronic use of marijuana may not have the effect on a person’s life than if they were to have a Roxicet addiction. Regardless of what is being used, families of addicts face the critical decision of which drug rehab center to seek assistance from. Although every licensed treatment center is keen on aiding individuals in their fight against addiction, they may not all be capable of providing the necessary care your loved one needs. Selecting a drug treatment center that offers everything needed isn’t easy. Here’s what to look for in a quality staff with the help from our New York drug rehab center:

Good Communication Skills

An important part of being a resident of a New York drug rehab center is receiving therapy and counseling for some of the issues that lead to or are a result of substance abuse. It’s also vital to the recovery process that the patient is aware of the treatment process so that they may embrace it fully. Open communication allows for a higher probability of sustained sobriety.


No two addiction experiences are the same. Everyone’s reasoning for abusing drugs or alcohol may be different. A treatment staff that has experience with handling addiction of different types is best suited for providing care, counseling and effectively delivering treatment to a patient. In some cases, the best care may come from rehabilitated addicts. This is because they have first-hand experience into what it means to be addicted to a substance, and they understand the stress and pain that comes from withdrawal.


Some treatment centers operate illegally. When seeking help from a New York drug rehab center, check to see if they are licensed and operate under a lawful status. Treatment centers that are licensed and experienced will be able to offer the necessary care and support to help individuals fight addiction. Especially in the case of a medical detox, in which prescription drugs may be used to help fight off addiction to drug use, such as the case with individuals suffering from a Roxicet addiction.


While experience is important, knowledge is just as, if not more important. Understanding what kind of drugs are on the street, how they affect an individual and the best practices for recovery is crucial to detox and the subsequent treatment. To educate the patient about their addiction and how to battle it, the treatment center staff must understand it in its entirety.


The reality with drug treatment is that not all patients will reach a level of sustained recovery, despite the efforts of their counselors and doctors. Sometimes the individual simply cannot adapt to sober living and fights treatment every step of the way. To help them become sober, the staff must remain patient and do everything they can to help them.

Finding quality help with addiction can be the difference between life and death. For the best in addiction treatment, contact Treatment Alternatives in New York today.

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