5 Questions to Ask Your Treatment Admissions Coordinator


Here are 5 important questions to ask in treatment with your New Jersey drug rehab center.

How Will I Get Results?

The entire purpose of entering a New Jersey drug rehab center is to receive the tools needed to lead an addiction free lifestyle. Of all the questions to ask in treatment, be sure that you’re comfortable with the measures your treatment staff will take to get you on the right track.

Will Other Drugs Be Administered to Aid in the Recovery Process?

Sometimes, other potentially addictive substances such as methadone, suboxone and naltrexone are used in a medical detox. What makes these substances so addictive are there ease of access and ability to reduce pain. It may be a good idea to avoid taking prescription pain killers if you are afraid of transferring your addiction from one substance to another.

How Long Does a Rehab Program Last?  

This is an important question to ask before receiving treatment. Treatment approaches vary in length based on the severity of the addiction. Typically, treatment at a New Jersey drug rehab center lasts four weeks. Addiction on the other hand is something that an individual must battle for life. A month-long rehab program may or may not be realistic for some individuals to reach a foundation of sobriety.

What am I Allowed to Bring to Rehab? 

Submitting yourself into rehab can be scary. Being away from familiar surroundings (even when negative) can be uncomfortable. It never hurts to ask treatment admissions if you’re allowed to bring personal items to help you cope with the detox process.

Will I Be Prepared for Life After Treatment?

As arguably the most important question to ask in treatment, it’s important to know what life skills/classes will be offered to ensure that you don’t relapse. Becoming sober is only a stepping stone towards an addiction free lifestyle. Learning the skills necessary to stay away from harmful substances is equally important.

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